7 Types Of Online Sales Funnel You Must Know About

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  1. Self-Liquidating Funnel (SLO)

The self-liquidating Funnel is a funnel which you make to not earn a profit, but to obtain leads. Hence You Aren’t Planning to turn a profit out of the SLO funnels, but only to liquidate your advertisement expenses. Now, this might look Can this benefit your company? We Strongly recommend

This is because if you are able to acquire leads fundamentally FOR FREE, any profit you make back-end from these leads in the future is likely to be pure profit.

This is because when you are able to acquire leads essentially FOR FREE, any profit you make back-end from these leads in the future will be pure profit.

You might not create a profit quickly, but you can get a lot of prospects — and from the group of possible clients, a number of them are going to finally buy something different from you.

You might not create a profit immediately, however you can get a lot of leads — and from the group of possible clients, a number of them are going to finally buy something different from you. Together with Clickfunnels, making tripwire sales pages in addition to upsell pages are incredibly straightforward.

By selling something quite cheap after individuals have chosen in, you can convert a tiny proportion of chilly traffic. This will not bring you a gain, but you can liquidate your advertisement expenses, letting you build your email list at no cost.

2. Automated Webinar Funnel

An automated webinar funnel is Generally Utilized for Goods & A webinar is amazing because It’s structured In this manner that you can spend more than a hour using a possible client in 1 seating. From the end of the training, he/she is going to Trust you and have heated up to you . Have an established offer before trying to construct an automatic sales funnel.

Start off with live webinars Initially, establish to Yourself that you’re in a position to market your product/service LIVE, before trying To automate the entire procedure.

3. Lead Magnet + Email Funnel

This is the most common type of sales funnel you will see. All you require is the email Service supplier — We recommend Proye Design.

Proye Design Email Funnel
Email Funnel by Proye Design

It functions This is because it is difficult to market something high-ticket via email only.

Here is how it generally works:

Page> Email nurture sequence > Buy your product > Upsell

You cultivate your audience through an automated Email sequence before pitching them a low-ticket merchandise after a couple of days.

4. High-End Client Sales Funnel

For the Premium apps (e.g. training packages, done-for-you providers ), you’ll have to acquire on a telephone with your prospective customer.

That is because people normally need to speak To a real man before they’re familiar with depositing thousands of bucks online.

What a high-end customer sales funnel will is It gives you the ability to qualify your prospects first so you simply speak to individuals that are seriously interested in registering for your premium apps.

Here is how it generally works: Services webpage > Page Using a pre-qualifying questionnaire (which means you may opt to just speak to folks who are your perfect customers ) > Get to a free telephone > Subscribe to the customer

Obviously, you can find high-ticket funnels which Are more complex — but that covers the essentials. You qualify your prospects To begin with, speak to people who are a fantastic match for your app , and near Them onto a 1:1 free telephone number.

5. Free + Shipping Sales Funnel

This is Typically for low-cost bodily products such as a book.

You offer to send your bodily publication at No Cost To your client, they all need to do would be to cover printing + shipping. By becoming someone to take out their credit card to cover your free publication, at this point you have a listing of sexy buyers that are ready to purchase, not only freebie seekers.

After They’ve obtained your free publication, they Will examine it and be indoctrinated to your culture and brand.

You can then upsell the prospects and sell them Costlier products down the road. This is a physical or electronic Merchandise!

6. The Challenge Sales Funnel

A challenge Sales funnel is quite much like an automatic webinar funnel, except instead of an automatic webinar, you’re carrying a 5 to 7- day battle rather.

Most struggles are reside and work very well Since there’s a great deal of excitement and value when a bunch of individuals come Together with a frequent goal and attempt to complete the very same tasks together.

7. The Affiliate Sales Funnel

The Affiliate Revenue Funnel is fantastic for internet entrepreneurs that don’t possess their particular item.

Sales Funnel by Proye Design
Sales Funnel

Conjunction with their internet affiliate advertising attempts, or if they’re promoting an MLM merchandise they don’t own.

There are many versions of an affiliate Sales funnel might look like, but here is a good example of how it may work:

Thank you webpage with a video describing about this Wonderful tool/course you have discovered and why They Ought to check it out using a button below together with your own affiliate link to check out the instrument > Mail nurture sequence teaching + incorporating value + gentle selling the affiliate merchandise

In this manner, You’re able to collect somebody’s Email address, instruct them concerning the affiliate merchandise, and follow up with Them through email to further convince them about the reason why the product which you’re Marketing is indeed magnificent.

Combining Multiple Types Of Sales Funnels

It Is important to be aware that you could combine a number of kinds of revenue funnels together.

For Example, you can have an automatic webinar Funnel TOGETHER having an email nurture funnel, where prospects are nurtured further as soon as they’ve watched your own training.

A challenge funnel may be used to market an affiliate Item .

Additionally, once an outcome has Finished one funnel without buying, you may quickly attempt to push them into another funnel in your company in the hopes that they’ll convert for this funnel.

Automated webinar but did not purchase, I will then begin sending them emails to signal Up to get another funnel of mine.


Once More, Here are the 7 types of revenue funnels that I highly recommend you try in your small business!Self-Liquidating Funnel (SLO)

· Automated Webinar Funnel

· Lead Magnet + Email Funnel

· High-End Client Sales Funnel

· Free + Shipping Sales Funnel

· The Challenge Sales Funnel

· The Affiliate Sales Funnel

We expect that you have benefited from this article. Please talk about it if you have! I’d really appreciate that.

Which funnel type are you expecting to implement Into your company next? Let us know below!




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