7 ideas on how to maintain the business culture and worker health while working at Home

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The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has shifted everybody’s daily lives and how they operate, businesses being no exception. Although Proye Design coworkers had the prospect of working at home before the outbreak occurred, that can barely be compared to the problem we confront today, when this version of job spreads during the entire company and impacts all current workflows and processes.

Before we proceed any further, we must ask ourselves Some Important questions:

Which will be the principles of all of the men and women working in our business?

What is our culture and work atmosphere?

After we find the answers to Those Queries, we ask ourselves the following:

How do we best move this to an online world in which we are not physically together and sitting alongside each other?

How can we maintain that mainly undamaged and continue to live on?

When we decided to follow security precautions and move to the teleworking manner, we asked ourselves the very same questions. We kept in mind that only a couple of days back, we were in the office together, working in a particular manner that we are all accustomed to — both personally and professionally. We needed to take into consideration all these different elements of interpersonal connections and fix them according to the new scenario.

Ultimately, all these are the measures we took to be able to keep our culture, values and, above all, make sure that employees remain fit throughout this collective work-from-home period.

Purchasing an excellent online tool for internal communication makes things a whole lot easier.

In cases like this, an excellent and trustworthy internal communication platform was shown to be of fantastic significance to us. At the start of the calendar year, we chose to present the Workplace, a Facebook cooperation and communication tool which connects all workers of business via internal social media. Let us call it a sort of personal Facebook, reserved for the employees of a particular firm. It has several functional features that we used through various tools; however, a massive benefit was that Workplace integrated them all in 1 area. Having a fantastic online internal communication system (Zoom.us) that attracts all coworkers collectively, it becomes easier to keep formal and informal communication but to keep the feeling of togetherness and teamwork, which can be Proye Design’s best worth.

Hearing Straight from the CEO

The other cornerstone of Proye Design culture is timely and transparent communication. It is a value that reveals how the company treats its workers, and we needed to keep it robust, particularly in times when each piece of information is essential.

On our first collective teleworking workday, that our CEO Daniel created a live movie through Workplace and shared all of the new info he had. He had been the very first to test live reporting alternatives for internal communication functions, putting an example about the best way best to navigate this current working environment. Throughout the live video telephone (Skype), he strove to inspire employees together with his messages and provided tips on the best way best to remain focused on the job, but also highlighted the importance of care for ourselves and the wellness of others. This type of reporting will occur every couple of days to keep folks updated.

Staying open to Worker issues and two-way Communicating

The other cornerstone of Proye Design culture is open and transparent communication on the two ends. To preserve this aspect while working at home, we introduced some kind workers may use to ask questions or discuss their concerns straight with the CEO. He answers the questions about the upcoming live movie and shares his ideas on the subject. In that manner, we invite individuals to keep increasing significant problems to address all issues, soothe possible effects and publicly talk about this entire scenario. Again, open and fast communication is paramount occasionally, such as this.

Caring about mental health

Since we’ve got just two founders in Proye Design’s HR section, we now informed all employees they can openly contact them whenever they desired psychological support and counselling. The feedback was instant, and everybody pointed out just how much this means to them in such moments of doubt, change and fear of the unknown. A number of our colleagues have contacted the psychologists, which affirmed that this form of support system works. In the long run, everybody needs someone to speak to and discuss their issues with, and it is excellent if you’ve got somebody like this one of your coworkers!

All this was shown to be somewhat helpful for keeping up a “mental health” culture, and we strongly urge that all businesses, if they could, give their workers the choice of calling a psychologist should they exist inside the company, or think about hiring an outside specialist.

Team leaders That Are Linked, coordinated and ready to help each other

In these kinds of situations, team leaders take particular significance and improved responsibility to assist the work of the business and the men and women working inside. But how can we make this simpler for them? In the soul of the culture of cooperation, knowledge sharing and togetherness, we’ve established a unique channel of communication for executives in three Proye Design offices. That way, they could exchange useful information quicker, help one another and talk, all of which assist them in directing others through this circumstance.

Communication, sharing information and knowledge are invited daily. We recommend that each provider creates some group because of the leaders, only to join them more and to help make the mindset that they all must be supportive of one another, more than ever before.

Encouraging informal communication

Isolation is presently among the most significant challenges all home workers face. Because they serve as a collective, most businesses can genuinely help reduce this sense of solitude, e.g., by inviting workers to share casual group content, which will stop them from feeling isolated from other coworkers and strengthen the relationship between individuals. Not everything has to be business-related!

Positivity and playfulness are a massive portion of Proye Design culture, and people frequently hang out or speak to one another outside the workplace. We regularly, and especially, promote team casual employee actions. These actions could be sharing memes, amusing videos, or speaking in book clubs, and occasionally it’s these little but rewarding things that help people unwind.

By way of instance, we had an inner action where we prompted workers to discuss their photographs from the house using the hashtag #workfromhome.

Those are things you’d usually do at the workplace, so there is no reason why you can not do it today (contemporary technologies, we invite you).

We encourage all businesses to promote various kinds of casual communication of the workers, in addition to trying informal actions that rekindle the collective. Introduce an inner communication system in case you don’t already have one, and assist your workers to feel much less isolated from other men and women. An opportunity to joke about, laugh and unwind a bit genuinely is priceless in moments such as these.

Motivating employees to fulfil their time with Healthful and interesting actions

Working at home is hard enough; however, the present situation also will come with the additional challenge of figuring out how to kill time, because most of our usual leisure activities are at present not possible. In this circumstance, a business may encourage workers to discuss fresh content and intriguing ideas that can, in turn, strengthen the job culture and the general health of everybody included.

Considering that Proye Design culture is about fascination, professional & personal development, but also strengthens an active lifestyle, we invite individuals to discuss publication recommendations, exciting posts, platforms for internet concerts and shows, at-home exercises along with other items that keep an inquisitive mind and body. We also sent all workers a tiny work-at-home survival kit in the kind of a demonstration which has useful posts, mindfulness ideas, online classes and content that is similar. But besides, it is essential to get equilibrium, so everybody should take a little time and invest it in just entertaining and comfort, give the brain a small break.

All these are our adventures, which might be helpful to a few, but not as to other people. But we wanted to discuss our firm culture and our perspective because any possibly practical information is useful occasionally like these.

The most significant issue is that each and every provider considers its own values, culture, and the requirement of its workers, also uses that knowledge to correct their online work tasks and interaction.

For our part, we’ll continue to share our knowledge, practices and what we’ve learned throughout the procedure.

Good luck and feel free to contact us via form or email for more tips and information!



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