5 Ways to Boost Conversion Rate From Email to Landing Page

5 Ways to Boost Conversion Rate From Email to Landing Page
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As a knowledgeable digital marketer, you likely go through hours of planning how you can grow your lead generation plan. More social posts? The latest email journey? You might even be over-spending your ROI on PPC ads expecting for a conversion.

The main aim of any marketing campaign is to drive to the action. After a lead clicks your call to action, are taken to a firm’s “contact us” form or a dedicated landing page?

In case you haven’t considered creating landing pages for your email campaigns, you are passing up a considerable lead generating chance. Landing pages are a critical component for a successful inbound advertising strategy and possess an average conversion rate of 2.35%, with individual businesses reaching over 10%.

Ready to improve your bottom line and bring in new clients? Know more, how you can adjust the conversion rate from email to landing pages.

Why are emails and landing pages a winning mix?

While likable content and lively imagery are necessary for raising email open and click-through prices, you want the last fastener to your readers to convert to clients. With no landing page, your email advertising campaigns will not be successful, and you put yourself at risk of shedding a new client.

Why? Landing pages match your emails by supplying a last goal and message to your readers to find out additional. Your landing page specifies other attributes of your offering and provides a call to action for your consumer to move farther into your client travel.

You can use the landing page across many digital channels to assist in constructing your email stream and generate leads.

Ideas to Boost conversion rate from email to landing page

Just including a landing page for your email advertising effort will not be sufficient to boost your conversion rate or bring in leads. To get a higher success rate, think about a few of those methods.

Know your audience’s requirements.

It might be user-friendly; it’s easy to rush your landing page and end up with a random plan. Before you jump in to, you want to ask yourself following few questions:

  • Who is going to like more clicks out of the email to the landing page?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What believes they have when are they looking at the webpage?
  • What will induce them to complete a form?

As soon as you have these questions answered, you have to concentrate your whole campaign around the answers. Clients can demand customized and wish to feel a relationship with the brands that they communicate with your brand. By creating landing pages targeted towards particular purchaser personas, you are more likely to interest your audience’s wants and make a conversion.

If you are targeting a young generation, consider adding animation or videos on your landing page. Short-form videos have been highly readable content along with also a fun way to show your worth, while quickly catching your lead’s interest. 86% of conversions happened for landing pages videos.

2. Emphasize the value proposition and provide.

As soon as it’s simple to get into a groove of repeating landing pages using a new deal, it is vital to dig deeper and explore why your viewers would think that your supply is worth their advice.

Emphasize the value proposition and provide.
Emphasize the value proposition and provide. Image source: Limepay Landing page

3. Create appealing headlines that evoke emotion.

Emails and landing pages have one big thing in common: the need to create headlines. In reality, 90% of consumers that browse the headline are more inclined to see the CTA backup too. Your captions will be the first impression the contributor has of your brand and thus has to be attention-grabbing and fast sum up your value proposition.

When creating your headlines, ensure that the message stays consistent between the landing and email page copy, which means that your audience is not confused with the transition. You will also need to activate an emotion — anger, exclusivity, achievement, etc. — since the vast majority of individuals are inclined to make their decisions based on their feelings rather than merely data.

Create appealing headlines that evoke emotion.
Create appealing headlines that evoke emotion. Image source: Dharma

4. Maintain the shape sweet and short.

How frequently have you turned off with a confusing or long type? Consider it this way: When a user feels as though they’re giving more info than the value they are getting, they will not convert.

When many types have between five and 11 areas, the best number is three. Think about what information you Will Need to Construct an engaging retargeting email effort afterward:

  • First name: need
  • Email address: need
  • Last name: want
  • Telephone: want
  • Occupation: want
  • Location: want
  • Interests: want

The extraordinary thing about aligning a landing page with your email is that you might already have the “desire” data recorded, and that means that you may always go back and join the dots.

Maintain the shape sweet and short.
Maintain the shape sweet and short. Image source: Sametable

5. Insert trust signs.

If you are searching to build credibility with your readers, think about adding testimonials from happy clients.

People today trust people. Employing trust signs in your email and landing pages reveals the lead that you are reliable to guarantee their choice to convert. Considering that 88% of people may read testimonials before submitting advice, reviews are a fantastic way to develop social proof.

Your confidence sign does not need to come out of testimonials. You might even use high numbers or statistics to showcase the way your goods are used. Amounts help establish your ability from the market and create a bandwagon effect.

Insert trust signs.
Insert trust signs. Image source: Vowel

Make an email and landing page effort in four measures.

Are you feeling motivated by the suggestions to boost conversion prices from email to landing page? It is time to put practice into actions and create your lead generation approach. Before Starting, Have a look at this step-by-step guide to establishing a successful email and landing page effort:

Step one: Develop a matching message.

Step two: Design a cohesive look.

For your design, use similar:

  • Theme for stock photos
  • Color palette
  • Fonts

Step three: Focus on one CTA.

When designing your CTA, consider the following elements:

  • Size: A larger button will quickly draw the subscriber’s eye when compared to inline, linked text.
  • Color: The color should be different than the background and copy to create contrast.
  • Whitespace: There should be enough space between the body copy and button so it’s free of distraction.

Step four: Test and monitor.

It’s recommended to A/B test your email and landing pages to see what resonates with your audience more.


Having a persuasive email and landing page effort, you are more inclined to engage your readers and improve your bottom line. Even though both of these elements go together, you have to pay attention to every station’s performance to comprehend the way the effort is doing overall.

If you are looking to raise conversion prices from email to landing page, then contemplate the following:

  • Establish objectives and know your viewer’s motivators.
  • Make specific your offer is beneficial to your readers.
  • Write persuasive copy and layout that is consistent across both programs.
  • Do not divert your readers with a protracted form.
  • Include testimonials and hope signs to enhance social evidence.

Ready to send better email campaigns that convert? Let’s be in touch for digital marketing today.



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Proye Design is the India’s best graphic design platform that provides unlimited, high-quality design work for thousands of businesses for a flat rate.